SVE: På denna sida samlar vi podcaster gjorda av NordUng. I detta skede finns det tre episoder som tar tag i social polarisering och vi planerar producera mer material i detta format.

ENG: On this page we collect podcasts made by NordYouth. At this point we have three episodes that address polarisation and we plan to produce more material of this format.

A podcast to address polarisation

Episode 1

In this episode you will hear young people from different backgrounds defining what is polarisation and how does it impact us in the society.
Addressing polarisation episode 1
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Episode 2

In this episode you will hear young people discussing the role of media in the polarisation process. How do our daily interactions affect our idea and understanding of the society? Social media is a part of every day life, but do we fully understand the impact of it?
Addressing polarisation episode 2
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Episode 3

In this episode you will hear young active people sharing their experiences about some methods that can be used to address polarisation within our societies, organisations and communities to facilitate discussions, cooperation and mutual understanding between the polarised groups.
Addressing polarisation episode 3
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