Inclusion Puzzle

This page tells briefly about the Nordic Youth Organisation (NordYouth) and about the possibility to join the Collaboration Event named Inclusion Puzzle.

NordYouth is an umbrella organisation for youth organisations, primarily in the Nordic countries, but also organisations in other European countries that wish to co-operate with the Nordic countries. NordYouth runs educational activities on current hot society topics. You can read more NordYouth on the page Om - About.
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Welcome to our Collaboration Event

16th -18th (19th) of June in Vilnius, Lithuania

At this event representatives of institutions from various sectors (NGOs, schools, libraries, companies etc) from the Nordics and other parts of Europe to build partnerships and prepare local/ regional/ national/ international/ online activities that can bring people with different background together, and thereby address polarisation. We encourage the participants to carry out the activities they plan during summer/autumn 2022.

Programme starts on 16th of June at 14:30 and ends at 19th of June at 17:00.

We provide meals for all participants, and also accommodation for international participants and everyone who lives outside Vilnius and needs it. When you apply, please inform about arrival and departure times, and if you need accommodation. Accommodation is available from 16th -19th of June, and even starting from the 15th if transport is not available on the 16th.

Deadline for applications is the 23rd of May.